From: "Herman Bailey" <>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 17:52:30 EDT
Subject: Re: Menwith Hill

Dear Bill, I was a Personnel Specialist, grade while assigned to the 13th was SP2, and I served as the Personnel Sergeant until I departed the 13th for reassignment to Germany, 318th USASA Battalion, Herzo Base, Germany. My tour of duty at Menwith Hill commenced on October 26, 1959, and came to an end on October 18, 1960. The Personnel Officer was a CW4 Swavley, and the Sergeant Major upon my arrival was Lyle Reynolds, with a Sergeant Major or Master Sergeant Johnny Graham being the Operations Sergeant. The First Sergeant was Robert (I believe his first name was Robert) Fox with Temple T. Nunnelly (sp) arriving at Menwith Hill to replace Fox.

I recall one of the Sergeants assigned to the unit having a metallic blue Austin Healy which he wrecked enroute to post one evening.

I had a red Renault which I bought new in 1960. My wife and young daughter about 16 months old accompanied me to post. We were the only African Americans assigned to the unit initially, subsequently a SP2 or Sergeant E-5 Howard Camp was assigned to the unit and later, or just before my departure an African American Captain. The CO was Col Hineline, with Major Helms being the S-1 (AG). Also, and I believe assigned to the unit and in charge of operations was a Major Allard who drove a brown Vauxhall.

Will review my photo albums to see what I have in the way of pictures. I do believe that I recall you, of course a picture of you would help.

Will communicate with more details re: the 13th as they surface.


Herman O. Bailey
CW3 Retired